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About Us




If your passion is to live an active lifestyle or maybe your daily labor causes you to sweat profusely and Heat rash is your worst enemy. Well, Guess what? We share the same passion and we feel your pain.

We believe in creating lifestyle products with substance and functionality. Not just a cool logo on fabric. The consumer wants a better choice period. Our intention is to target flaws in the under garments and high performance active-wear apparels to bring forth emerging innovation utilizing 21st century technology. No matter who you are, starting from professional athletes to weekend warriors and everyone in between... Your apparel should be an extension of your body, not a hindrance.  

With our core concept, we've found that too many of us suffer from severe heat rash caused by active sweat in the most sensitive areas of our body. Which can be a daily struggle for those who suffer from Hyperhidrosis. In many cases the antiquated under garments we grew up wearing are part of the problem.  

With a little bit of creativity, we were able to re-imagine the old out dated under garments and produce a more modern style that helps regulate your body temperature and put you in control. Now you have a choice because no one knows your body better than you. You have options with the "Dual Climate™" Pouch underwear, since it lets you experience a cooler and dryer feeling all day. It also works great, even when you are asleep. It is essentially the world's first underwear with a 2wayPouch™. You can wear it how you want: get in when you're hot or get out when you want. 

All of our product designs will continue to implement the "Dual Climate™" concepts with multiple aspects functionality that will withstand any environment. Let's face it: The one size fit all mentality, doesn't cut it any more. 

Conceived in Boston, MA which is known for it's high spirited technological advances. Living in this region also gives us a unique opportunity because of the constant change in the temperature which fluctuates from being hot and humid one day and too cold next.

We've also consulted with the best active-wear design firms and manufacturers in the country. From NY to LA, including Minnesota due to their understanding of inclement weather and apparel design.

The human endeavor is to pursue  a healthy living without any punishment from mother nature and the elements. It's for that precise reason we can not continue wearing garments with technology designed over a century ago.